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Submitted on
September 23, 2013


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Ok guys. Im doin it now/ 
sooo if you have something u would like to see... 

150$ per char or vehicle. 200 for env.

  dont pay if u dont like it


I'm looking for a matte painter to help with the green screen scenes in my new indie feature - Of Dice & Men. We wrapped principal photography 4 weeks ago, and are deep into the editing.  I came across your NoNaMe image and decided to contact you.


Here's a link to our website and Indiegogo campaign (just so you can get an idea of what the project is about - in a nutshell it is about a group of table top gamers, and what happens when one of them enlists to go to Iraq in 2006).…




I've got a list of some shots/requirements so you can get an idea of the project. (I would have started this process earlier, but I've had two separate painters flake out on me....)


This _is_ a paying gig, and I'm flexible depending on what you'd be able to offer.


I'm available any time to discuss, send me a private message and I'll get in touch with you to give you the project requirements.


Thanks in advance.

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